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For professionals

Education for the beauty industry

We are also happy to offer free training courses:

#cosmetics is everyone's business

We offer our concept   or parts of it as a franchise license partnership.

To become self-employed in the beauty market with only one's competence raises high investment costs without a clear view into the future.

Do you want to become self-employed in one or more areas of the beauty industry?

Have you had a beauty studio for a short time or for a long time and you are ready to properly change or update your concept with us?

The market is highly competitive and just keeping self-employment continuously positive can often be tedious.

We offer a classic and an individual concept in order to be continuously successful in the market.

The industry regulates itself and we like to do it right. We are partly involved in regulations ourselves. 

We are experienced in the course of industry regulation.

You will be encouraged and trained to reach the peak of your competence.

We are absolute professionals in the areas offered.

The customer already receives the highest standards and competence through our name. 

Become part of our corporate philosophy and our beauty family.

Investment costs include marketing, customer potential on site, management consulting, training according to our methods in other specialist areas, also with the existing range.

Our concept is mobile in the sub-area or in the institute possible.

We are your strong partner at your side.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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